About J.J. Del Mar Photography

Photographer – Director – Producer

I am a photographer, director and videographer with over 15 years in the media industry.

I am based in Los Angeles, California.

I will occasionally travel for cinema productions and corporate photography / video.

I photograph portraits and head shots for corporate, professional or personal use at the studio or location.

I work on fashion portraits at the studio or location.

Please contact me for details.

More about me

I have worked as video & digital film producer, editor, translator, and photographer in the United States and Mexico for over 15 years now.

I attended and trained in studios in the United States, as well as in Mexico City and Monterrey in Mexico.

I worked in the travel industry for travel agencies. I have also photographed for real estate developments.

I am the owner of WL Media USA. There, I manage, along with other colleagues, a video & digital film production service.