J.J. Del Mar’s Videography





I will work with you on deciding the best choice for you, whether you are on a small budget or not, I will deliver a quality product. I will take care of the production and use the equipment according to your needs. The final product will be delivered with industry standards of filming and post-production (editing).

From small projects filmed with DSLRs to bigger projects requiring film industry cameras such as RED, Sony, and Panasonic, I will oversee the post-production using lead industry software for editing and color grading to give you a quality product that you will love. I will deliver common formats for use on the web, media or film industry (cinema screen).

I will tell you a secret, the magic happens in the post-production stage.

I work with independent directors and photographers to ensure a cost-effective production and low rates for my clients.

I have worked fliming on the travel industry in Mexico and the United States for ten years now.





Monterrey (2018) – Trailer

Color graded for the Cine Screen [Movie Theater]