J.J. Del Mar Photography



I go to locations and shoot on studio.

I am available in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area, Los Angeles / Hollywood and Monterrey. I go to other cities upon request.


Portrait photography sessions for non-commercial personal use start at U.S. $200 for a basic package with a minimum shooting time and post-processed photographs. * Please book: call, text, or contact me using the form below.

I work on fashion events and on studio for fashion catalogs or publishing, please call for details and rates. *

I will work wedding photography and engagement parties on a limited basis, please call or text.

For corporate portraits and events, please call or contact me using the form below for rates and availability.

For commercial and product photography, call or contact me using the form below for rates.


This site is still under renovation, more info on rates coming soon. In the meantime, please call, text or contact me using the form below for rates.


*For models (actors too),  I do collaborations. If you are a model or actor/actress needing a portrait on studio or location, please contact me and we will work together. I would like to hear about your work and what style of photography you would like us to collaborate on.